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"1975 - 2019"

Thursday, December 12, 2019 7:30 PM
Irwin Hall Auditorium - Beirut Campus

"1975 - 2019"  is a play directed by Lina Abyad and based on the novel The School of War by Lebanese author Alexandre Najjar.

Tickets at L.L. 10,000, L.L. 15,000 available at Irwin Hall Auditorium Booth.
Tel: 01 - 786464 / 03 - 791314 ext:1172 

For more info: comm.arts@lau.edu.lb

Word of the Director Lina Abyad:

“The School of War” by Alexander Najjar is the third text of this author that I stage after “The Unexpected” (2018) and “Mr. Bchara” (2019). 
This text is not a play but a novel written by Najjar in 1999. 
What I liked in this text is the recollection of everyday life during the war. The small little things. 
Alexandre Najjar's text was a challenge for us, at all levels. Some stories take place in the privacy of a living room, others at a checkpoint, some in the streets of Beirut, or while crossing the infamous Ring, or in a sunny garden or in a neighborhood cinema turned into a shelter.
The characters are multiple and colorful: a young man in love, a revenger militia man, hooded young men insane and full of rage, drivers willing to do anything to earn their daily bread, coward snipers and nostalgic teachers. Also a mother fights to maintain a semblance of a normal life and a father who works even when the world around him is collapsing.

Fall Major Theater Production: 1975-2019

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