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The MA in Multimedia Journalism caters to both experienced journalists aiming to elevate their multimedia and digital innovation skills and to newcomers to the journalism profession and media research field, as well as those seeking a career in university-level teaching in media studies or preparation for doctoral studies.

The MA degree offers two tracks: a research and a professional track. The first year, students in both tracks take common courses that elevate professional multimedia journalism and digital innovation skills and build a strong grounding in media research and theory. The second year, students in the professional track take additional professional courses and culminate with a journalistic project. Those in the research track attend theoretical and research-oriented courses and conclude with a thesis. Students in the professional track undergo a professional internship, while those in the research track partake in a research apprenticeship. Both tracks are required to complete a teaching apprenticeship that qualifies them to teach university-level media courses. Students also get the chance to participate in study abroad programs and engage with their faculty in scientific research.

The MA offers a regional and global scope, focusing on Arab media and society, and instilling principles of freedom of the press, objective and responsible journalism, global citizenship, and civic engagement. International students interested in building expertise in Arab media are especially encouraged to apply. Students with extensive journalism experience or a BA in Multimedia Journalism may waive some basic courses and replace them with more advanced electives. Qualified students may benefit from graduate assistantships (scholarships) that cover part of their tuition fees.

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