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The Case of Wildlife Trafficking in Lebanon
Rawane Itani & Ghaidaa Hreiby
May 2020

This project is about wildlife trafficking, a problem that is often left unaddressed by the media, citizens and even policy-makers in many countries including Lebanon. Secondary research was conducted to get more information about wildlife trafficking in Lebanon, the region, and the world. Previous work and campaigns that have been done on the subject were also reviewed. Afterwards, an online survey was conducted among students from the Lebanese American University (Beirut Campus) to get a deeper insight on the awareness and attitude of our target audience towards this problem. Based on this primary and secondary research, an online magazine was created, and an online campaign was planned and implemented in order to increase awareness about the issue among LAU Beirut students. NGOs Animals Lebanon and Lebanese Wildlife both contributed to this project with interviews and feedback, alongside the LAU Animal Care Club which allowed us to use its Instagram page for the campaign.

Academic Supervision: Dr. Gretchen King

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