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Abdelreda Kobeissy


Performing Arts


Instructor, Music (PT)

Contact Data:

Email: abdelreda.kobeissy@lau.edu.lb
SFA 2203
Beirut campus

  • Abed Kobeissy was born in Beirut, is a music composer, musician, and musicologist. He received his M.A and M.A.S degrees from the Antonine University on musical semiotics and aesthetics in modern Arabic audiovisual mass media productions. He manages the musicology section in Dawawine, a center for the arts of stage, screen and sound, where he is also responsible for the Arabic publications. He  has  published  many  articles  on  musicology  in  specialized  journals,  and lectured in international musicological colloquiums.He  composes  original  scores  for  cinema,  theater,  and  contemporary  dance, working with directors / filmmakers such as Nidal Al-Ashkar, Mahmoud Hojeij, Naji Sourati, Ali Shahrour, Matej Matejka, Institute Grotowski, Zoukak theater company and others. His compositions have been touring internationally and shown in festivals across Europe and North America, in addition to being one of the very few Arab composers to have their work presented by the renowned Avignon international theater festival. He  is  also  a  member  of  the  Asil  Ensemble  for  contemporary  classical  Arabic music.