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Aesthetic Activism

Wed, Dec 20, Thurs, Dec 21 & Fri, Dec 22
at 11am
Safadi Fine Arts 1201, LAU Beirut


Dr Rose Nakad: Workshops will begin with collective discussion about which social justice issue or problem the group would like to make a film about. Students will be guided away from discussing issues socially, and in the real world, and into imagining and discussing them through a process of image and sound conceptualizing for a cinematic world.

Examples of experimental image and sound work will be screened and discussed.

An issue will be chosen, and students will then be guided to focus in on creating shots (not storyboarding scenes) and thinking about each element of each shot, or each aspect of form: how the content of the frame moves and/or framing changes, distance, angle, color, light, depth, set design, location and how these different languages of film cross over into each other.

Editing will also be discussed as another language of cinema; so that students begin post production at the beginning, and consider ways that movement from shot to shot can also help tell the story.

Cinema is understood as form and content, and the workshop will emphasize form as a way to create new perspectives, feelings and emotions about the chosen issue/problem.

Sound will also be discussed: but not to decorate or describe events of the image. This is how sound is usually used in mainstream films/documentaries. Sound will be understood as independent of the image with the right to tell its own story, using its own more abstract and sonic feel.

The outcome will be a shot list ready for shooting for a 1 minute film, with ideas about editing, sound design, location, props and equipment needed.

To reserve email Dr. Rose Nakad: rewandn@gmail.com

Transportation is available for students located in Byblos Campus

(The photo is a screenshot from Maya Deren's Experimental Film Meshes in the Afternoon)



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