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Al Fanar Media Workshop

Fri. April 13 & Sat. April 14 @ 9am
Nicol 222, LAU Beirut

In the 14th and the 15th of November, the Department of Communication Arts in collaboration with Al Fanar Media and The Alexandria Trust conducted a high-level specialized workshop on the news coverage of research and education in the region, especially in the fields of social sciences and humanities. This is a rare skill that is in demand in the news industry today. The purpose of the workshop is to sharpen the skills of some of our talented students and to connect them with scholars and researchers who can serve as helpful resources to them in the future. The workshop will also aim to improve the quality of reporting on research and education, a development that will benefit academic institutions in the region.  The second part of the workshop will take place in April 13th and April 14th.

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