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Alia Ibrahim


Multimedia Journalism


Instructor, Journalism (PT)

Contact Data:

Email: alia.ibrahim@lau.edu.lb
Beirut campus

  • Alia Ibrahim is a Beirut based Freelance journalist. Until March 2016, Ibrahim was a Senior Correspondent at Al-Arabiya News Channel.

    Since 2015, Ibrahim produced 22 minutes reports for Special Mission, a prime time investigative reporting show. Ibrahim joined Al-Arabiya in 2008 as a senior news correspondent. Her assignments took her to a number of countries including Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Turkey and Syria. Ibrahim's opinion and news stories appear in a number of publications including Al-Hayat newspaper, Al-Arabiya net, and until 2011 The Washington Post where she had been a special correspondent since 2005.

    Ibrahim started her career in 1996 as a general news reporter at The Daily Star in Beirut. She became managing editor of the newspaper in 2004. After that, Ibrahim shifted broadcast became Dubai TV's Beirut based correspondent.

    She was also the Beirut based correspondent for the New York based Womenenews.

    She is a mother of two girls Yasma, and Mia.

  • JSC 220 News Writing & Reporting
    JSC 431 Investigative Journalism