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Alternative Facts

April 10, 2017 & April 12, 2017

07:30 pm
Location: Beirut & Byblos

The role media plays to express, influence and consequently mold the public perception about various issues is unprecedented. There are grave consequences for both the media and the youth in a society increasingly controlled and managed through the news channels. Today, everyone is spending more time in watching TV news channels. The programs on the news channels influence our decision process and shape our perceptions of the world. And It is impossible to escape the pervading impact of these news channels. Alternative Facts is a performance to shed some light on the other side of any story. Together, we will experience the difference between a piece of news and facts. The report tells us that more Syrian refugees than not are part of some terrorist groups, the truth is not quite that. The American news channels promote freedom of speech and equal coverage on all stories, and the fact is that no one talks about African American rights and, for example, how Lynching is just as bad as any other mass-murder case.

"Alternative Facts" is a blend of Arabic and Western music to reflect the treatment of Arab-related news by the western media, it is also a mixture of music, singing, spoken word, dancing and acting to reflect the power of image and illustration.

Performed by Alter

Artists: Stephanie Tadros, vocals and guitar – Ikram Hamizi, piano – Paul Marjaba, vocals and guitar – Ukpe Udoeka, drums – Jamil Mousa, oud – Elie Chahine, violin – Bassam Haddad (be), rapper – Yara Nasrani, lighting designer, choreography and dance – Antoine Awad, choreography and dance – Christy Samaha, vocals and set designer – May Nabbout, voice over and set designer – Ali Zoughdani, graphic designer – Majd Al-Alam, sound engineer – Karim Sarhan, stage manager – Amr Selim, director  

Please note the performance on April 10th will be held in Selina Korban Theatre, Byblos. The show on April 12 takes place in Gulbenkian Theatre, Beirut Campus.

For more info visit the project's facebook page or watch the promo video. The full program in arabic can be found here.

Alternatively contact amr.selim@lau.edu.lb

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