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Art & Politics: A Mutual Relation

February 7, 2017

04:00 pm

The very nature of politics is, like art, rooted in conflict and harmony.  The heart of art is the interplay of the physical and the mental, while the compromise between them forms a cohesive entity.  Compromise is also the center of the political process, trying to find common ground and consensus solutions to problems of society through open communication.  Both seek to inspire their targets, and both have made great use of the other to advance their ideas. The panel will be discussing the role of arts in politics and how have politics influenced arts and the artists.


Dr. Ray Furuta - Guest speaker - Artistic Director of Chamber Music Silicon Valley and Lecturer of Flute at Santa Clara University in California.

Dr. Mona Knio - Associate Professor of Theater at LAU.

Dr. Imad Salamey - Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at LAU, Associate Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution (ISJCR).

Dr. Amr Selim - Assistant Professor of Music at the Lebanese American University and Artistoc Director of Imagine Arts Summer Camp.

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