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Beirut Cinema Days

Safadi Fine Arts - SFA 1201, LAU Beirut

Beirut DC  In collaboration with  The Department of Communication Arts  presents the 10th Edition of Beirut Cinema Days

A selection of celebrated and award winning films from the 10th Edition of Beirut Cinema Days (أيّام بيروت السينمائية ) will be screened in LAU Beirut Campus with the presence of the filmmakers.  Come and watch these amazing films:

Monday, April 1: EXTERIOR/Night (10:30 am) , Freedom Fields (5:00 pm) , Samouni Road (8:00 pm)

Tuesday, April 2: Counting Tiles (10:00 am) , Une Urgence Ordinaire (7:00 pm)

Wednesday, April 3: Erased, Ascent of the Invisible (10:30 am) , Look At Me (2:00 pm) , Amal (4:00 pm) , aKasha (6:00 pm)

Thursday, April 4: The Swing (10:30 am)

Friday, April 5: An Open Rose (4:00 pm) , Dream Away (6:00 pm)

Monday, April 8: Yomeddine (8:00 pm) in Wadad Khoury Student Center WKSC 201

All Screenings are taking place in Safadi Fine Arts Bulding Room number: 1201 except the screening of Yomeddine on Monday April 8 that will take place in WKSC 201

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