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Casino el Ons

Tues. April 10, Wed. April 11, & Thurs. April 12 at 8pm
Gulbenkian Theater, LAU Beirut

News outlets and social media have made it extremely simple to spread and share the news, which comes at a cost. Binding, obstructing and manipulating the truth is equally as easy. Casino El-Ons is a musical that treats this concept comically. Five people from different social backgrounds found themselves tied together, all that connected them was a place (a cabaret located in Cairo) and an event that was the reason for a massive change in their lives. They became public, influential, well-connected figures: talk-show hosts and businesspeople. Years pass, and they continue gaining more power and money. They are protected as long as they do what is asked of them; attacking a public figure, supporting a new political idea and advocating the government's violence towards protesters are only a few of their dues to keep being in the protected circle. But what if the news sources shifted nonmonopolized? Casino El-Ons, Directed by Amr Selim and Awad Awad, is a vibrant mixture of music, singing, acting, and dancing. The musical is a funny and lite take on our current experiences, and the Egyptian vernacular is the language used.

Tickets to be collected same day of performance between 11 AM and 1 PM or after 5 PM from Gulbenkian ticket booth (Free Entrance)
For reservation: 01-78 64 64 / 03-79 13 14 ext.1172

For more info comm.arts@lau.edu.lb

Alternatively check the facebook page.

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