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Claudia Kozman


Multimedia Journalism


Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism

Contact Data:

Email: claudia.kozman@lau.edu.lb
Twitter: @claudiakozman
Office: Safadi Fine Arts 501 - Ext: 1072
Beirut campus


Ph.D. in Journalism/Mass Communication, Indiana University
Masters in Mass Communication, Louisiana State University;
B.A. in Journalism, Lebanese University

  • Claudia Kozman is an assistant professor of multimedia journalism in the Department of Communication Arts. Her research primarily focuses on news content, with particular attention to news values, sourcing, framing, and intermedia issue transfer in Arab media. She is especially interested in studying journalistic patterns of newsgathering, what makes news, why journalists work the way they do, and similar questions that focus on the role of journalists as newsmakers. She also aims to expand her research on sport communication in the United States to the Arab region.

    Prior to academia, Kozman worked as a reporter, editor, copy-editor, and anchor in print, broadcast, and digital media. Her journalism career began in the Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, where she interned during her freshman year in college. Shortly after, she became a reporter in local sports magazines and a reporter/translator/producer/co-anchor in the Lebanese TV station, LBCI. During her 13-plus year career in sports journalism, she has covered numerous Lebanese, pan-Arab, and Asian sports tournaments, as well as international ones, including the Winter Olympic Games. Besides working as a journalist, Kozman has occupied managerial and editorial jobs in online and print media in Lebanon, and has lived in Malaysia, where she served as the press secretary of the president of the Asian Football Confederation.  


    Kozman, C. (2017). Ten years of steroids in baseball: A study of issue coverage in the news and sports pages. Newspaper Research Journal, 38(1), 46-61.

    Kozman, C. (2017). Who framed the steroid issue in baseball? A study of the frame-source relationship in traditional and new media. Journal of Sports Media, 12(2).

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    Kozman, C., & Melki, J. (2017). News media uses during war and conflict: The case of the Syrian civil war. Journalism Studies. DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2017.1279564

    Cozma, R., & Kozman, C. (2017). The Syrian crisis in U.S. and Lebanese newspapers: A cross-national analysis. International Communication Gazette, 79(8).

    Cozma, R., & Kozman, C. (2015). The Syrian crisis in the news: How U.S. elite newspapers framed the international reaction to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Journalism Practice, 9(5), 669-686.

    Kozman, C. (2013). The Tiger Woods scandal in the media: Measuring attribute effects on the public. International Journal of Sport Communication, 6(2), 214-233.


  • JSC 220 News Writing & Reporting

    JSC 330 Arab and International Media

    JSC 451 Media Research Methods


    Melki, J., Kozman, C., & Fiedler, A. (September, 2017). Uncertainty reduction, involvement, and emotions during war: A survey of Syrian nationals’ media uses in four countries. Paper presented at the AMIRetreat conference in Limassol, Cyprus.

    Kozman, C., & Melki, J. (May, 2017). Media dependency and trust during conflict: How Syrian nationals engage with traditional and digital media. Paper presented as part of a panel at the International Communication Association annual conference in San Diego, USA.

    Cozma, R., & Kozman, C. (May, 2017). Social media as information subsidy in the news coverage of the Syrian crisis: A cross-national analysis. Paper presented at the International Communication Association annual conference in San Diego, USA.

    Hwang, H., Kozman, C., Clavio, G., & Walsh, P. (2014, May). A new marketing outlet of professional sport franchises: A study of smartphone application usage patterns in professional sports clubs. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Annual Conference, Pittsburg, PA, USA.

    Kozman, C., & Clavio, G. (2014, March). A meta analysis of theory and methodology in sport communication research 1924–2013. Paper presented at the International Association of Communication and Sport Annual Conference, New York City, NY, USA.

    Kozman, C. (2013, September). Sportswriting in early journalism textbooks: Origins and portrayals of sports journalism. Paper presented at the American Journalism Historians Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA.

    Kozman, C. (2013, August). The writer, the artist, and the gentleman: Key ideas of news values from S.S. McClure. Paper presented at the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., USA.

    Kozman, C. (2013, August). Sports agenda in the news media in late communist Poland. Paper presented at the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., USA. Won top student paper award at the IU School of Journalism annual contest for graduate students.