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Communication Capstone

Wednesday, May 20 at 3:00pm
Online via WEBEX

A public presentation and peer review for the capstone of Ms Diana Hoteit enrolled in the Communication program for Spring 2020 on Wednesday, May 20 at 3:00 p.m. online via WEBEX  https://lau.webex.com/lau/j.php?MTID=md56baf3b43763c30dbf053f755d14630  

(For Password, email jmelki@lau.edu.lb )

Influencer Marketing and Traditional Advertising and Public Relations: Who Has the Upper Hand?

By Diana Hoteit

The rise of social media platforms over the past years has provided organizations with an alternative tool to advertise their products and services. While social media advertisements were first limited to visual posts and illustrations, they have evolved to take the shape of ‘influencer marketing’.  This capstone project investigated how influencers, bloggers and social media personalities are emerging as new advertising tools. It also explored whether social media influencers can be a substitute for traditional advertising methods. Specifically, it explored the benefits of influencer marketing for companies and brands in comparison to traditional advertisements, and the main motives for Lebanese companies to use influencer marketing. Finally, it provided practical recommendations for companies to maximize their benefit from influencer marketing. For data collection, a qualitative research approach was used, utilizing a variety of relevant journal articles in addition to an interview with a prominent local social media influencer. The results showed that influencer marketing is more of an ‘ecosystem’ of advertising, not just a tool or a method. Influencers use highly targeted audience, the closeness of the relationship with their audience, in addition to multiple techniques, tactics and tools to promote a brand, triggering conversations and delivering a high level of personalization. This has given influencer marketing a clear upper hand over the traditional advertising method.

Academic Supervisor: Dr. Jad Melki

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