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Mundus Journalism 2020-2022!

Join our two-year Erasmus Mundus MA degree program in Journalism Media and Globalisation to engage with peers and staff from more than 100 countries in an ambitious and multicultural environment.

The joint degree program offers you a truly unique and international educational experience. You will study in at least 2 European countries, work with top researchers in media  studies, political science and journalism, and gain an outstanding network for life.

Students start their MA in Aarhus, Denmark before moving on to either Prague or Amsterdam for the second year of studies. Selected students can also study for a semester in Berkeley, Beirut, Cape Town, Santiago, Shanghai, Sydney, Hamburg, London or Swansea. Studies can also be combined with an internship.

For more information, visit the website www.mundusjournalism.com or contact mundusjournalism@au.dk