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How do I get my pin to register?

During your first year, you need to take an appointment with your advisor to approve the selection of courses. No pin will be given without meeting with the advisor. 

Who are the advisors and what role do they play?

Each bachelor’s degree has its own faculty advisors who will answer students’ academic questions. Advisors can assist you in everything related to your academic and educational experience, such as planning classes, degree requirements, what courses to take, and so forth. You can meet with your advisor by appointment or during office hours that will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

What are the required classes?

Aside from university core requirements and the Liberal Arts Courses, every major in the Department has three kinds of classes: Core Requirements, Departmental Liberal Arts electives and Professional electives. Your advisor will give you the information you need regarding your courses, how to register, and which classes to take.

Is it difficult to add a minor?

The Department of Communication Arts offers minors in Multimedia Journalism, Performing Arts, and Advertising & Public Relations. To add a minor, you need to go to the Departmental office Nicol GOO2, fill up the form Request to Declare a Minor and submit it to the Chairperson. Your advisor can help you make decision regarding minors.

Can a student do a double major within the Department of Communication Arts?

Yes! A student needs to download the form Request to Enroll in a Dual Degree Program, fill and submit it to the Registrar’s office. The form should also be signed by the student's advisor.

Is it possible to change majors within the Department?

Within the Department, students can easily change majors. However, you need to talk with your his advisor first. You can download the form Request to Change Program/Major/Emphasis, fill and submit it to the Registrar’s office. The form should be signed by your advisor.

Is the TV & Film / PFA and Multimedia Journalism programs more theory oriented, technical oriented or production oriented?

All our programs balance theory, production, and technical courses. Students have the ability to experiment with all aspects of the field to find what best suits their interests. Supplementary workshops will be offered during semesters to cover all aspects of our programs. To find out more about your own program, contact your advisor.

What should I do in order to study abroad in the future?

The Department offer the best and the most diverse international opportunities:
•    Salzburg Academy: This unique 3-week summer abroad program in Salzburg, Austria, is open to graduate and undergraduate students from all majors. Students live in the famous Sound of Music palace and study with 100 international students and professors. Students earn 6 LAU credits for two courses in global media literacy. For more details contact your advisor.
•    Exchange program with the Danish School of Media and Journalism: The Danish School.

For more info about study abroad programs contact: International Services

How can I know if I am on the right path towards graduation?

To make sure you are on the right track for graduating on time, meet regularly with your advisor to review your online degree CAPP – Curriculum Advising and Program Planning. Before enrolling in the courses of your final semester, you need to meet with the Registrar's office to review the CAPP and to be instructed on the selection of courses you need to enroll in.

What are the activities that I can get involved in the Department of Communication Arts?

The Department organizes a variety of events and activities that engage students, faculty and staff. Students have the chance to be involved in the Department’s bi-annual major music or theatre productions. Students can also be part of the yearly Media & Digital Literacy Academy in Beirut. In addition, the Department involves students in the yearly promotional campaign it launches to promote its programs. You can monitor the Facebook group LAUComm for any upcoming opportunities.

When can I take the internship course?

You can register for the internship course during the summer semester. For your internship, you need to finish 300-350 work-hours. To search for internship opportunities, contact Ms. Rima Mirdas (rima.mirdas@lau.edu.lb) or visit her office in Safadi Fine Arts 1101.