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Female Artists Throughout History

Friday, Oct 20, 2017 at 4pm
Irwin Theater, LAU Beirut

About The Panel
The panel will discuss the struggles and challenges that female artists face due to gender biases. Is there a way to achieve respect, employment, and recognition equality?

A Q&A session will follow.

Dr. Salley Koo, violinist and Harvard graduate
Dr. Nadra Assaf, Associate Chair, The Department of Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University
Dr. Seba Ali, Pianist and founder of Imagine Workshop and Concert Series
Dr. Lina Abirafeh, Director of The Institute of Women Studies In The Arab World

About IWCS (Imagine Workshop and Concert Series)

Imagine Workshop and Concert Series (IWCS) is a series of concerts, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, outreach and education programs. IWCS strives to contribute to the cultural richness of our community by promoting top quality performances to a diverse local audience; welcoming internationally acclaimed guest artists to collaborate with LAU's faculty, students and a diverse community; cultivating young artists and new audiences through traditional and innovative educational outreach initiatives, and introducing underprivileged communities to the power of arts.

For more info about IWCS visit the Facebook page.

For more info about the panel discussion or about IWCS contact Dr. Seba Ali: seba.ali@lau.edu.lb or comm.arts@lau.edu.lb

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