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The Performing Arts Program at the Department of Communication Arts is pleased to announce the second edition of the first performing summer arts camp in the region IMAGINE SUMMER ARTS CAMP (ISAC) (July 16- August 3rd, 2018). 

Imagine Summer Arts Camp (ISAC), a three-week camp, aims to introduce a new way of arts education to the young generation (ages 12 - 16); that combines fun and rigorous traditions to grow their love and appreciation to the arts. The faculty is composed of LAU Performing Arts faculty, local professionals, and international guests. Emphasis is placed on the creative process, hands-on learning and collaborative projects as campers work toward performances for their families to enjoy at the end of camp. The camp will offer five different scholarships for students interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies in the Department of Communication Arts at LAU.

The fee for the camp is $795 with a special rate for the children of LAU faculty, staff and alumni. Interested campers fill out the camp application form and attach the needed documents along with the application fee. Turn all the documents in person at the Communication Arts Office, Nicol GOO3.

Any questions? Contact Ms. Annie Tabakian (annie.tabakian@lau.edu.lb) at the Department of Communication Arts – Nicol Hall GOO2 – LAU Beirut. 

For details regarding classes, schedule contact director Dr. Amr Selim (amr.selim@lau.edu.lb)