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  • Program: Multimedia Journalism

  • Position: Instructor of Journalism

Contact Data:
  • Courses taught: JSC 328 Advanced Arabic News Writing & Reporting

  • Degrees: candidate PhD on Media and NGO

Jihad El-Mallah has been working in Journalism, Public Relations, and with NGOs, since 15 years, in Lebanon and abroad.

El-Mallah has been teaching Journalism since several years. He participated as a journalist and trainer, in a number of conferences and workshops around the world (Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Turkey, USA, Iran, Spain, etc…).

He holds a BS, 2 BAs and a MA, and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D focusing on Media and NGOs.

He published tens of articles and reports (in Lebanese and Arabic newspapers and online journals). He is the main co-writer of a book called "Civil Society Approach to Media", published in London in 2009.