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3 years - Full Time study
92 credits

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The Multimedia Journalism program offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Minor in Multimedia Journalism. Our B.A. prepares students for careers in print, broadcast, and multimedia news, offers courses at the forefront of the field, such as investigative and data journalism, and provides cutting edge facilities in a vibrant teaching environment. The program also equips students for graduate studies. The Minor in Multimedia Journalism offers students from any major the opportunity to learn basic journalism skills and theories in as few as two semesters. As a flexible program, the Minor may be completed while current students are pursing any B.A. at LAU or after graduation in the case of LAU alumni and graduates from other universities.

BA in Multimedia Journalism


Jad Melki

Associate Professor & Chairperson

Monika Halkort

Assistant Professor of Digital Journalism and Social Communication

Claudia Kozman

Visiting Assitant Professor

Alia Ibrahim


Sarah Mallat


Mohanad Hage Ali


Hala Marji


Jihad EL Mallah

Instructor of Journalism

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