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  • Program: Performing Arts

  • Position: Instructor of Theatre

Contact Data:
  • Courses taught: PFA 242 Intro to Art of Theatre, PFA 488A Topics: Directing Actors

  • Degrees: MFA in Theatre Directing

Lina Khoury is a Writer/Director/Producer/Educator who has worked in the theatrical field professionally for more than 10 years. She has written, directed, and produced the hit plays “Haki Niswan” and “Majnoon Yehki”, among others. She is famous for tackling controversial subjects in an artistic witty manner.She holds a B.A in Communication Arts from the Lebanese American Universit(y (LAU) in Beirut; and an M.F.A in Theatre Directing from the University of Arkansas (UOA) - USA. For the past five years, Lina khoury directed the major theatre production each Fall. Her latest play is “Limaza.”