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Martin Loyato


Performing Arts


Assistant Professor, Music

Contact Data:

Email: martin.loyato@lau.edu.lb
Office: Nicol 517 - Ext: 1442
Website: www.martinloyato.com
Beirut campus


Ph.D. in Composition, 2011, Stony Brook University, New York
M.A. in Composition, 2007, Stony Brook University, New York
B.F.A. in Trumpet Performance and Composition, 2004, California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, California

  • Martín Sebastián Loyato - composer, trumpeter, improviser, poet, conductor, and visual artist - was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    As a trumpet player, Dr. Loyato has shared the stage with such notable artists as Arturo Sandoval, Poncho Sanchez, Yusef Lateef, Ray Anderson, and Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, among others. Martín was invited to perform in the First Latin Grammys in 2000.

    In 2003, Dr. Loyato conducted under Pierre Boulez for the Ojai Music Festival in California. He has performed with numerous orchestras around the world and has composed and performed concert works for electro- acoustic, dance, theatre, choral, orchestra and chamber ensembles, as well as music for television features and advertisements.

    Among many private commissions from Europe, New Zealand, Asia, North and South America, he has been commissioned to write a children’s musical, En el Fondo de Mar, to benefit poor children in Buenos Aires. He has received a number of awards for his compositions. In 2003 he was invited by the Janacek Academy in Czech Republic to participate in an international performance and composition workshop for percussion. The renowned Penderecki Quartet selected his string quartet Allí Buenos Aires in 2004 for a performance workshop discussing and demonstrating the latest in writing for strings. Celestial Spheres, a multi-media piece notated graphically for forty musicians, was premiered at CalArts in 2005. This piece is published in the book Notations 21 an anthology of innovative musical notation. 

    As an educator, Dr. Loyato was part of Morton Subotnick’s team in Los Angeles, contributing to the development of a series of programs that introduce music and technology to children of all ages. His anthology of poetry, Helechos del Alma, was published in Argentina in 2006 and K-ro Suite Poetica de Seis Petalos (Limited edition) in 2012. 2010 marked the release of his first solo album, Syncretism, in which he explores the colors of the Gamelan Orchestra, Jazz Big Band, electronics, Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms, jazz and poetry. His last solo concerts covered Las Vegas, Spain, Singapore, China and Portugal. He was awarded as an artist in residence at Seaside Institute in Florida in 2010, for the program Escape to Create “A Celebration of Art, Life and Community”, and in 2012 at Pedra Sina Residence in Madeira Island, Portugal. Dr. Loyato has been living in New York for the past eight years and recently joined the Department of Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University in Beirut as an Assistant Professor in the School of Arts and Sciences.

    Special Studies

    • Pedagogy, Didactic and Methodology of Teaching - Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    • An introduction to processuality and Composition, with Ivo Medek at the Janacek Academy (Brno, Czech Republic)
    • International Percussion and Composition Courses in Trstěnice, Czech Republic ( with Jeff Beer, Martin Smolka, Tomáš Ondrůšek)
    • North Indian Theory and Sargam with Rajeev Taranath, (California, USA) 
    • Course in Brass Interpretation with Eric Aubier, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 


  • Publications


    • 2012, K-ro - Suite Poética de Seis Pétalos (Limited Edition- Editorial Sinestesia, Argentina) 
    • 2009, Notations 21, by Theresa Sauer (Mark Batty Publisher)
    • 2009, The Wire a British Magazine published an excerpt of my score Celestial Spheres together with an article about graphics scores in the twenty-first century in November 2009.
    • 2008, Lejanía - Cien Almas - Literary Projects - (Monthly Magazine)
    • 2007, Lejanía - Los Sud Desarrolados -Art and Literature Magazine- (XXXIX, March 2007)
    • 2006, Helechos del Alma, poetry book by Martín Loyato (Ediciones Biebel, Buenos Aires)

      • 2010, Syncretism- Solo Album -Syncretism Records
      • 2008, Incomplete Denial - Incomplete Denial - Wooden Jazz Records
      • 2005,Time is Never Wasted - Jannen Leah - JL Pixie Records
      • 2005, Bella lun and Valentine - Robin & Keven Brennan - F Boo Music 
      • 1997, Caballo de Troya - Los Argonautas - Mescalito Records
      • 1996, El es el Premio Mayor - Laura León - Fonovisa Inc.
      • 1995, Santalucia - Santalucia - I.M. Discos
      • 1995, Yo no soy abousadora: Linea de Oro- Laura León - Fonovisa Inc. 
      • 1993, Y a mi me vas a hablar de vos? - Los Solcilloncas - Sony Music 
      • 1993, La Sandalia de Jason - Los Argonautas- Mescalito Records
      • 1992, Los Argonautas - Los Argonautas - Mescalito Records
      • 1992, Conexión Ginebra - Conexión Ginebra - Mescalito Records
      • 1991, Trasca - Trasca - Panda Music 


      • 2012, The Untimely Concurrence - Film Angela Matemotja
      • 2010, Stony Brook Film Festival (Advertising)
      • 2010, EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution- Educational Documentary by John Feldman Music by Sheila Silver
      • 2007, Broken Glass - film by Gustavo Camelot 
      • 2005, Val Val - film by Gustavo Camelot, Adam and Eve - film by Jeff Kanew, Don’t Call Me a Saint - documentary about Dorothy Day by Claudia Larson 
      • 2004, Japanese American National Art Museum (Advertising), California Science Center (Advertising), The Aquarium of the Pacific (Advertising) Museum of Latin American Arts (Advertising)
      • 2002, Gitana (Advertising)
      • 2001, Don’t drink and drive (Advertising), The City of Los Angeles (Advertising), The Mind of a Married Man (HBO Series) 
    • PFA 210 Western Music Appreciation

      PFA 211 Survey of Western Music

      PFA 315 Music Ensemble


      • 2013, My score of Celestial Spheres displayed at The Art League of Long Island, New York
      • 2012, As par of Notations 21 tour, my score Celestial Spheres was displayed at the Musrara Mix Festival in   Jerusalem, Israel in May
      • 2012, As par of Notations 21 tour my score Celestial Spheres  displayed at the The Art School at Old Church in New Jersey from April 13th - May 11th.
      • 2012, As par of Notations 21 tour my score Celestial Spheres displayed at the Martin- Muller Art Gallery in Suny Oneonta in New York during the New York Music Week from March 5th to 16th.
      • 2012, Notations 21: Envisioning New Sounds - Celestial Spheres Score on display at the Gund Gallery - Gambier, Ohio from October 29th, 2011 to March 4th, 2012
      • 2011, Celestial Spheres Score on display at the International Society of Improvised  Music conference in Santa    Cruz, CA
      • 2011, The American Mosaic Exhibition exhibit  from August 13 - September 25th my scores Celestial Spheres, El Jardín del Poeta plus some of  my art work at the Mills Pond House Gallery, in Saint James, New York
      • 2011, Celestial Spheres Score on display at the Gaudeamus Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
      • 2011, Notations 21 Exhibit the score Celestial Spheres in ten different art  galleries in Den Haag and Amsterdam, Netherlands
      • 2010,  The Scores Celestial Spheres and El Jardín del Poeta at the University of Haven Seton Gallery/Dodds Theater, West Haven, Connecticut     
      • 2009, The Scores Celestial Spheres and El Jardín del Poeta at C.W. Post Campus, Gerard Schwartz Memorial Library Brookville, NY 
      • 2008, The Scores Celestial Spheres and El Jardín del Poeta at Chelsea Art Museum, New York, fall 2008.