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Maya Majzoub


Multimedia Journalism


Instructor, Multimedia Journalism (PT)

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Master’s in Media Studies, American University of Beirut
BBA in Advertising Communication, Haigazian University

  • Maya Majzoub is a broadcast journalist with a rich experience in content-production, screenwriting, TV presenting, and moderating dialogues. She is also a University instructor of Media studies and Communication at the Lebanese American University, and the founder of the "Rally Against Apartheid: Resisting Occupation in Cyberspace" educational initiative co-organized with the Institute of Media Research and Training at the Lebanese American University. She holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies from the American University of Beirut, where she was awarded the "Kamel Marwa Award in Media Studies" for academic distinction at Master’s level. She released her award-winning documentary film "تلفزيون وائع" (Fallen Television) in 2015, and "الجرافتي وثقافة الاشتباك" (Graffiti and the Culture of Resistance) in 2018. She presented and produced the socio-political talk show "شارعنا" on Tele Liban channel, and worked as an anchor on Dubai TV. She published various articles in Assafir newspaper and Al Adab magazine. She was also the founder and director of the Women’s Empowerment Society at Haigazian University, where she received Haigazian University graduates' honorary shield titled: "In appreciation of your outstanding contribution that made a difference to the life of the University Culture". Her research interests mainly focus on media as a resistance discourse to counter hegemonic ideologies and political-economic power structures.
  • JSC 312Media & Society

    COM 203Art of Public Communication