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MDLAB 2016

August 7, 2016

11:00 pm
Location: LAU - Beirut

Established in 2013, the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB) aims to advance digital and media literacy education in the Arab region by training a generation of teachers and scholars and developing locally rooted curricula.

MDLAB offers students and academics a unique opportunity to study media and digital literacy with leading Arab and international experts during two summer weeks. The academy works year-round to further develop curricula and publish them in an open source environment. Additionally, MDLAB acts as an incubator of innovative ideas and a hub for a network of regional universities and media educators.

The topics we cover are diverse and include: media literacy and human rights, media literacy’s role in the Arab region, news coverage of human rights violations, the power of images, propaganda in video and film, media and business influences, Arab media ownership patterns, media portrayal of marginalized communities, media and religion, sectarian hate speech and free speech, media, gender, sexuality and body image, social media and privacy threats, and violence in video games.

Other topics include a host of digital media skills, such as blogging, podcasting, photo manipulation, audio and video editing, comparative news analysis, social network analysis, and data visualization.

MDLAB2016 will take place in the Lebanese American University - Beirut Campus from August 7 - August 17th


See below links for MDLAB lectures:

Dr. Jad Melki MDLAB Mission Goals. Click here for Arabic 

Dr. Susan Moeller - Power of Images. Click here for Arabic 

Dr. Moses Shumow: Media and Civic Engagement. Click here for Arabic 

Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Sangita Shresthova: By Any Media Necessary. Click here for Arabic 

Dr. Susan Moeller: Teaching For Engagement. Click here for Arabic 

Dr. Jad Melki: The ISIS Media Strategy. Click here for Arabic 

For more information about MDLAB, email: mdlab@lau.edu.lb

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