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93 credits

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The Performing Arts program offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Minor in Performing Arts. The B.A. covers a wide range of skills, including acting, voice training, body movement, writing, technical skills, and crafting with lights. Students pursue careers as performers, artists, actors, producers, art managers, teachers, and directors. The program also prepares students for graduate studies. The Minor in Performing Arts offers students from any major basic skills and competencies in dance, music, and theater.

BA in Performing Arts

The BA in Performing Arts requires 122 credits (including 30 freshman credits), distributed accordingly:

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) courses (34 credits): see details
Free Electives (3 credits)

3 Year Study Plan (BA)

Students are required to constantly check with their faculty advisors in case of any changes in the offered courses for their respective majors.
See a typical study plan starting Eng 102
See a typical study plan starting Eng 009


Nadra Assaf

Assistant Professor of Dance & Associate Chair in the Department of Communication Arts

Mona Knio

Associate Professor of Theater

Lina Abyad

Associate Professor of Theater

Martin Loyato

Assistant Professor of Music

Joseph Khalife

Senior Instructor of Music / Composer in Residence

Amr Selim

Assistant Professor of Music

Seba Ali

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music

Aliya Khalidi

Lecturer of Theater

Reem Deeb

Lecturer of Music

Sany Abdul Baki

Instructor of Theater

Sarah Fadel

Instructor of Dance

Joelle Khoury

Instructor of Music

Lara Malaeb

Instructor of Music

Annie Gostanian

Instructor of Dance

Abdelreda Kobeissy

Instructor of Music

Ghada Hakim

Instructor of Music

Ghassan Sahhab

Instructor of Music

Lina Khoury

Instructor of Theater

Vatche Kalforian

Instructor of Music

Yasmina Sabbah


Raffi Mandalian

Instructor of Music

Jimmy Bechara

Instructor of Dance

Fadi Kallab

Instructor of Music

Ibrahim Baltagi

Lecturer of Music

George Herro

Lecturer of Music

Facilities & Equipment

Irwin Theatre (Beirut)

The Irwin Theater was inaugurated in 1947 and seats 393 people (130 balcony). It consists of a proscenium stage, an orchestra pit, a backstage with two dressing and make-up rooms and a control room for lighting and sound operations. Throughout its history, Irwin Theater has been a renowned venue for concerts and operettas, including performances in the 1960s and 1970s by the Beirut Orpheus Choir, directed by its founder, the late Afif Alvarez Boulos. Contact: Hala Masri, hmasri@lau.edu.lb


Gulbenkian Theatre (Beirut)

The Gulbenkian amphitheater was established in 1970 and seats 344 people. It consists of a thrust stage, a   backstage with two dressing and make-up rooms, a control room for lighting and sound operation, wardrobe  cabinets and a scene shop for set construction and for wood stage. The theater was inaugurated with the stage  production “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” directed by Varougean Khedeshian for Hamazkayin group. The first major theater production performed in this theater was “Marco Polo,” directed by Dr. Irene Faffler in 1971. Contact: Hala Masri, hmasri@lau.edu.lb

Selina Kurban Theatre (Byblos)

The Selina Korban theatre was established in 1996 and seats 300 people. It consists of a stage, a back stage, two dressing rooms, one makeup room, a control room, and a storage room. It is used in theatre courses and for carrying out theatrical and other performing arts productions. Contact: Nicolas Daou, nicolas.daou@lau.edu.lb.

About the Performing Arts Program

The department organizes an annual five-day festival that features international and local theater productions and provides a platform for Performing Arts students to share ideas, build skills, and network with artists. In addition, LAU hosts annually the International Dance Day Festival in Lebanon (IDDFL), which is part of UNESCO’s International Dance Day Organization. Running since 2011, IDDFL features a week of workshops and sessions, culminating in a major dance performance that includes more than 25 national and international artists and teachers. The department offers, on a regular basis, various workshops and training sessions in the different aspects of theater, music, and dance, and provides students the opportunity to interact and work with professional local and international artists. Each semester, students majoring in Performing Arts prepare plays as part of their course work, and perform them for the public at our three professionally equipped theaters in Beirut and Byblos.

Student Projects

Major Theatre Production
Performing Arts

International Dance Day

Performing Arts

Omar Moujaess
Performing Arts

LAU Mosaic ensemble
Major Production
Performing Arts