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[POSTPONED] Dein Abuhum

Irwin Hall Auditorium, Beirut

Major Music Production "دين أبوهم" “Dein Abuhum”  A group work performed by LAU Students Directed by Dr.  Amr Selim and Awad Awad

About the performance

An original musical that takes us through the rather tough journey of young adults in the modern world. Dein Abuhum is a universe where all is planned for said young adults, but it is also a platform for them to show us their imaginary, idealistic world in a very unidealistic and unrealistic way.

Dein Abuhum is the work of 65 cast and crew members directed by Amr Selim and Awad Awad.


عن العرض

"دين أبوهم"، مسرحية موسيقية تأخذنا في رحلة صعبة يخوضها شباب يافع في الزمن الحديث.

"دين أبوهم"، عالم كل شيء فيه مخطط مسبقاً لهؤلاء الشباب، ولكنها أيضا فرصة لهم ليرونا عالمهم الحالم والمثالي بطرق أبعد ما تكون عن الواقعية والمثالية.

"دين أبوهم"، هي جهد 65 شخص ما بين ممثلين وعاملين. أخرجها عمرو سليم وعوض عوض ..

Date:   March 12, 13, 14, 2020

Time:   8:30 pm

Place:   Irwin Hall Auditorium  - LAU Beirut Campus

Tickets to be collected same day of performance between 11 AM and 1 PM or after 5 PM from Irwin Hall ticket booth (Free Entrance)

For reservation: 01-78 64 64 / 03-79 13 14 ext.1172       

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