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Rina Abdine


Multimedia Journalism


Instructor, Media Design (PT)

Contact Data:

Email: rinaabdine@hotmail.com
Twitter: @rinaabdine
LinkedIn: Rina Abdine
Office: Nicol 4.8 - Ext: 1400
Beirut Campus

  • Rina is a multidisciplinary visual artist and with over 12 years of award winning design and art direction experience. With an eye for innovation and pixel perfection, over the last 12 years Rina has worked independently and in multinational companies such as Draft FCB and Impact BBDO and her key projects include Rethinking Lebanon2025, Bedeck, supreme council of Qatar, Dubai Shopping Festival, Bin Hendi, with new big business pitches such Abu Dhabi Investment Bank and RTA Dubai. Rina’s overarching philosophy is to make beautifully simple work that cuts through the visual clutter and helps businesses tell their stories.

    Rina holds a B.A in Graphic design from the Lebanese American University (LAU) and an MA in Interactive Multimedia from the London College of Communication (LCC).

    She has organized and participated in many seminars and workshops including “full of wonder seminar” and “Design for Change” workshop and “The good campaign” seminar. Although Rina’s skill set is vast, her greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of Advertising, Visual Communication, Branding, Digital Media, Content Creation and Illustration/Painting. Rina has exhibited her work in Galerie La Rochane, London LCC, and is working on her upcoming solo exhibition.


    Arab Web Award - United Nations: save water student competition

    Conference presentations:

    Rethinking Lebanon 2025, Design for Change.