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Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 at 11 am
Selina Korban Theater, LAU Byblos

Monday, Nov. 20at 7pm
Irwin Theater, LAU Beirut

There is a storyteller in every one of us.Storytelling is the way we construct our world, make sense of it and our place within it. Many of our traditional tales offer within their folds answers to our most urgent existential questions: Who are we really and how do we find our true selves? What is right and wrong and is there anything in the middle? Where do our braver, higher selves come from when faced with adversity?

In this introductory workshop with BAFTA nominated storyteller Alia Al-Zougbi, you will learn about different global traditions of performance storytelling, and pick up practical and conceptual tools to retell stories from your own cultural heritage, or any other heritage. Come with a simple folktale that you would like to retell, and be prepared to share.

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Alternatively email: seba.ali@lau.edu.lb

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