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Yasmine Dabbous


Journalism and Media Studies


Lecturer, Multimedia Journalism (PT)

Contact Data:

Email: yasmine.dabbous@lau.edu.lb
Office: Nicol 523 - Ext: 1401
Beirut campus


PhD in Journalism and Public Affairs, Louisiana State University 
M.S. in Communication Studies, Boston University
B.A. in Communication Arts, Lebanese American University

  • Yasmine Dabbous is a communication specialist who practices at three levels -teaching, scholarship and art. She is an assistant professor of media and culture at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Her research falls at the intersection of media and cultural studies, with an emphasis on cultural history. Following James Carey, Dabbous is interested in communication as a social indicator, rather than an end by itself.

    Her art is a critical anthropological project revolving around tribal values, stories and craftsmanship. It materializes in exhibitions where the tribal jewelry Dabbous creates sheds light on socio-cultural and intellectual causes of pertinence to our contemporary, globalized societies.



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    Dabbous, Y. (In print). Report on women and media in Lebanon. Research project investigating the state of women working in Lebanese media outlets and the representation of women in such media, commissioned by the United Nations’ CEDAW.Dabbous, Y. (In print). Running away to the future: The change into a-historical national currency images in post-war Lebanon. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication.